Bulk Check HTTP Server Status

To do backlink campaign for SEO purpose we check pagerank to find high authority website that google trust. We already have a long list of URL with pagerank and ready to drop quality link to our site. But what next? before you waste your time to open each URL in your list, the smarter way is to check website online status.

Below is bulk HTTP server status checker that i found usefull for SEO purpose, and absolutely free.

Bulk check http status then download the result in CSV format.

Can check up to 50 URL at once.

Single or bulk page header checker

Check server status up to 25 URL at once.

Favorite Bulk Pagerank Checker for Internet Marketer

This is my favorite bulk pagerank checker tools to do internet marketing. Some times we need to check pagerank to find high authority backlink. Checking pagerank can be a tedious process, if you need to check mass pagerank you can use this service.

Fast pagerank checker but  limited to 100 URL per day per ip address for free.

Free pr checker with no daily limit and fast, you can check up to 500 URL at once. The result can be sorted by domain name, page rank and backlink count.

After checking for page rank, then we need to make sure that website target is online. I found some greate website that offer free service to check http server status.